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Project Overview

My City at Peace and The HYM Investment Group

Born out of a unique partnership between Reverend Jeffrey Brown of My City at Peace (“MyCAP”) and Thomas O’Brien of The HYM Investment Group (“HYM), our development concept will maximize the potential of P3 and serve the needs and desires of the Roxbury community by creating deeply affordable homeownership and rental opportunities, good-paying jobs with viable long-term career tracks, meaningful equity participation in the development process by people of color and women, and beautifully-designed new spaces to live, work, or play.


Our Vision

Our vision for the site has been carefully crafted to maximize the potential of the parcel while maintaining financial and logistical feasibility. P3 will become an economic and social engine for meaningful progress by achieving 6 key goals:

Affordable Homeownership & Rental

We will create 144 affordable homeownership units and 164 affordable rental units. These units will be truly affordable for the existing members of the Roxbury community. We view the homeownership units as a meaningful strategy to address Boston’s Black Wealth Gap by creating opportunities for communities of color to build equity through homeownership.

Job Creation & Training

We will create approximately 1,600 construction jobs that will pay out over $336,400,000 to workers over the duration of the project’s construction. We will create approximately 2,710 permanent jobs, 2,400 of which will be within the booming life sciences industry. Through coordinated initiatives between our project team, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Madison Park Vocational Technical High School, and our life sciences partner, LabCentral Ignite, we will lead and invest in job training initiatives that will give local students and residents the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in career tracks with stronger earnings potential.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We have and will continue to foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) in all stages of the development process , ensuring that the execution of our concept elevates and creates greater opportunities for emerging, woman and/or minority-owned businesses and the final condition of the Project serves the local community’s needs, interests, passions, and appetites.

Life Sciences

We will deliver approximately 700,000 SF of life sciences space to the site, unleashing a robust, new economic engine for the neighborhood. In addition to creating 2,400 jobs with long-term career tracks in one of Boston’s most critical industries, the life sciences buildings will generate a $124,000,000 cross-subsidy that we will reinvest directly into the on-site affordable housing, as well as an approximately $6,100,000 in additional affordable housing and jobs linkage payments, and a substantial tax revenue for the City of Boston .

Open Spaces & Restitching the Neighborhood

We will seamlessly reintegrate Parcel P3 into the larger Nubian Square neighborhood through carefully planned urban gestures such as new transit and bike lanes as well as gracious pedestrian connections to the adjacent schools, fields, and Whittier Choice development. We will create a set of distinct and diverse open spaces , each offering the community a different opportunity for recreation and connection. These include a proud Gateway to the site, a flexible Neighborhood Plaza or park, a buzzing Core, and a playful Community Commons. Public art, catenary lighting , and abundant tree plantings will instill the open space with vibrancy and vitality.

Authentic Retail & Cultural Destinations

We will infuse the ground plane with vibrant cultural, artistic, and retail destinations that embrace and promote the diversity, history, and culture of Nubian Square. King Boston will anchor the site with a 31,100 SF museum and policy center that will honor the legacy of Dr. and Coretta Scott King by advancing their life’s work to ensure a more racially and economically just future. The OnyxGroup will tap their deep connections to the local community to ensure that the project’s retail destinations authentically serve the local community’s needs, wants, and desires and that the side emphasizes and elevates local, minority- or women-owned businesses and vendors.

Facts & Figures

144 affordable homeownership opportunities.

164 affordable rental units.

158 market rate rental and homeownership units.

2,710 good-paying jobs with long-term career tracks.

31,000 SF of museum and policy center space to become permanent home of King Boston.

$124,000,000 fund for on-site affordable housing, job training, cultural centers, and local small retail businesses.

$6,100,000 Linkage Payment for Affordable Housing and Jobs Mitigation.

Community Outreach

As we crafted our vision for the Project, we met with several key community organizations and members to better understand the people’s desires for this site. These conversations have directly informed the Project we have proposed, and we sincerely look forward to continuing to collaborate with the neighborhood in creating a Project that serves their best needs and interests. Some of the groups or organizations with whom we have discussed these topics include the following. Several of these groups were so compelled by our proposal that they have issued letters of support of our team. Those groups are highlighted in bold purple below and their letters can be found within the Letters of Support subfolder in our submission package.

Massachusetts State Representative

Chynah Tyler, Liz Miranda

The American City Coalition

Christine Araujo and Charlotte Rice

The Good Shepherd Church

Bishop Sam Hogan

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Aisha Francis, Ph.D.

Northeastern University

Ralph Martin, John Tobin, Kathy Spiegelman, Sandy Tierney, Mahmood Malihi (Leggat McCall)

Boston Housing Authority at Whittier Choice

Kathryn Bennett

Edward M Kennedy School

Caren Walker, Elmer Freeman and Albie Holland

Whittier Street Health Center

Frederica Williams

United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury

Bill Singleton

Roxbury Main Streets

Robert George

Black Market Nubian Square

Kai and Chris Grant

Roxbury Cultural District

Daniel Callahan, Kelley Chunn, Yusuf Bramble and Anita Marson-Matra

Twelfth Baptist Church

Reverend Willie Bodrick, II J.D., M.Div.

National Center of Afro-American Artists

Barry Gaither

Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)

Rodger Brown

Roxbury Community College

Jackie Jenkins-Scott

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Dr. Sidney L. Brown, Head of School (Principal) and Ms. Brandy Cruthird, Dir. Of Strategic Engagement and Communications


Ned Eames, Karen Holmes Ward, Rob Wadsworth, Mark Marguiles and Lauren Maggio

Former Mayor Kim Janey

Reclaim Roxbury

Armani White, Haywood Fennell, and Keith Motley

Nubian Square Coalition

Sadiki Kambon

Project Updates

March 31, 2022
In Roxbury, a chance to build on Massport’s model of inclusive development

In the push to spread the wealth of Boston’s booming development industry far wider into disadvantaged communities, this could be a game changer.

March 25, 2022
Will big money finally bet on Roxbury?

The 8-acre plot of land in Roxbury known as Parcel 3 has alternately tantalized and frustrated developers for decades.

Yes, decades. That’s how long this piece of earth across the street from Boston Police Headquarters has been an….

March 23, 2022
Two teams compete to develop Roxbury parcel

Two proposals to transform the vacant lot in Roxbury known as Parcel P3 have hit the desk of the city’s planning and development agency, each promising new affordable housing and economic development in the area.

March 22, 2022
Developers propose 550 housing units at Roxbury site

The latest proposal for redevelopment of Roxbury’s parcel P3 emphasizes affordable housing production, including 498 income-restricted apartments along with 180,000 square feet of office and lab space.

March 16, 2022
HYM pitches labs, new housing model in Roxbury

Roxbury’s long-vacant parcel P3 is a gnawing reminder of disinvestment in Boston’s minority neighborhoods and their struggles to tap into the city’s economic growth.

March 17, 2022
City receives bids from HYM, Tishman for 8-acre Roxbury parcel

The city of Boston has drawn two proposals for a nearly eight-acre parcel of land in Roxbury that multiple mayoral administrations have tried in vain to develop. At least one of the bids, from The HYM Investment Group, would put a…

March 21, 2022
Here’s a look at the dueling bids to transform a long-empty parcel in Roxbury

Two development teams have bid for the opportunity to transform a long-vacant site in Lower Roxbury that has foiled a number of other development ideas over the years.



June 11, 2022
Black Market x MPDC: Buy the Block Party
June 13, 2022
Embrace Idea’s Festival
June 15, 2022
MPDC Scholarship Program
June 17, 2022
2022 Juneteenth Festivities Fund
July 5-26, 2022
MPDC: Summer Youth Employment Program
July 23, 2022
Hope Community Garden Club
Build Black Wealth 2022

Who We Are

We built our team to elevate emerging and established, Boston-based, MBE and WBE firms through meaningful equity partnerships.

Rev. Jeffrey Brown
Founding Partner & CEO | MCAP
Thomas O’Brien
Founding Partner & CEO | HYM
Leslie Reid
Gregory Minott
Principal | DREAM Collaborative
Chanda Smart
Co-Founder & CEO | OnyxGroup
Shabnam Mashmasarmi
Co-Founder & COO | OnyxGroup
Carlos Castillo
Partner | OnyxGroup
Ricardo Louis
Founder | Privé Parking
JocCole Burton
CEO | Maven Construction
Imari Paris Jeffries
Exec. Director | King Boston
Gretchen Cook Anderson
Exec. Director | Lab Central Ignite
Joseph Feaster
Counsel | Dain, Torpy, Le Ray, Wiest & Garner, P.C.
Peter Kochansky
Director | Goulston & Storrs
Samira Ahmadi
Founding Principal | EnviEnergy
Gina Ford
Principal Architect | Agency
Chris Brown
CEO | Moriarty
Denisha McDonald
CEO | Our Village Initiative
Adam McCarthy
Principal | McNamara Salvia
Deborah Danik
VP | Nitsch Engineering
Thomas Tinlin
Director | Howard Stein Hudson

Project Partners

We have thoughtfully assembled a diverse team of experienced urban planners, designers, engineers, problem-solvers, and small business leaders with deep roots in the local community.

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